February 14

The Lead Generation System Built from 1000’s of Hours of Experience


The Lead Generation System Built from 1000’s of Hours of Experience

This article is a part of our new “monthly deep-dive” series, where we will explore a lead generation topic in-depth, once per month. 

The first edition of our monthly deep-dive is here and it's going to be an interesting one. 

Here’s why; As I was beginning to outline this blog topic, I had just finished spending the morning updating our service agreement. As such, the document was still fresh and open on my desktop. 

This agreement update was long overdue, as it had been several months, if not more, since the last update, and there were sections in the agreement that were holdovers from much earlier on in our business. 

So I rewrote the entire agreement based on all that we’ve learned and all that has changed in that timespan. And I realized that the document I put together explains in detail the lead generation system we’ve assembled after literally thousands of hours of experience and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on online ads for mortgage, insurance and real estate campaigns. 

So while it is formatted as a proposal document, the details within are actually quite revealing for anyone who wants to understand the components of a high-quality lead generation system and the sequence these flow in. 

So read on below to learn about how we acquire traffic, qualify that traffic into leads, verify leads for legitimacy, connect leads with our brokers, and support our brokers to maximize their results. 


Below are the details of how our service works. 

1 - Lead Sources

We acquire leads by advertising our web properties on the leading online advertising networks in the world. Here are some just of the networks and placements we source traffic from.

2 - Lead Qualifiers

When a web visitor fills out one of our forms, they are asked questions to help qualify the lead. Below are examples of some of the qualifiers we use. Visitors who don't meet these criteria are rejected as potential leads. 

3 - Lead Verification

Once a lead passes our qualification criteria, we use a suite of technology to verify and certify the legitimacy of the lead and the lead’s contact information. Below are some of the tools we use and how they work. A lead is connected with your business only once passing these verifications.

4 - Lead Connection

Once the lead has been qualified and verified, we connect the lead exclusively with your business (no other businesses get their info). Because we work on an exclusive basis, we’re able to facilitate the connection to a much higher degree. Here are some of the methods we use, to help maximize your contact rates while minimizing your time to contact, which is crucial.

5 - Service Support

We support you and your business from A-Z to help you get the most from our services. 

Here are the ways we do so. 


Below, we’ve outlined the deliverables you’ll be receiving and the timelines to expect them in. 


Pricing is simple. Once you sign this agreement, you will be directed to choose a monthly package size at a guaranteed price per lead. We ask for a short term initial commitment before transitioning to a month-to-month arrangement.

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About the Author

I started out as the Internet marketing director for an Automotive Group. I learned about Facebook & Google advertising running campaigns for auto loans. I transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship in 2014, and have been at it ever since.

James Vannelli

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