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How Outsourcing Lead Generation Can Maximize Your Total Marketing ROI


How Outsourcing Lead Generation Can Maximize Your Total Marketing ROI

When it comes to lead generation, a company has two options; they can either do the work in-house or outsource a highly experienced company with a proven track record to get them only Sales-Qualified Leads that match their customer profile.

According to a study conducted by Bain, 82% of large organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia view outsourcing as a mature and necessary function. So, outsourcing can be the key to maximize your marketing ROI and accelerate your sales.

How outsourcing can help your company maximize its marketing ROI

Let me share with you an example of a conversation I had with a firm a few weeks ago:

Basically, they had hired an agency to help them with their lead gen, and they were building everything from scratch.

They were spending money on agency fees, spending money on covering the ad spend, plus other costs, and spending a whole ton of time on designing ads, writing copy, creating landing pages, and all of the other components involved. Plus a huge amount of time, energy, and focus going into collaborating with this agency, with no leads generated yet, and no guarantee any leads would come.

We got to talking, and the prospect elaborated that they liked the guys they were working with, they were capable of creating useful assets for their online marketing, but they weren't sure if they would be able to deliver on their lead gen goals.

In this case, I told them that if they wanted to buy leads from us, they should keep the other agency as all-purpose marketers.

Lead gen requires a ton of time, energy, and resources. Just imagine, spending valuable time trying to get the leads, without any guarantee that leads would come. There’s a lot of time and money wasted, things that could really help your business in other parts such as branding, positioning, content marketing & optimizing important systems like your sales process & CRM. 

So, I told the prospect: “Hey, if you hire us, we can take care of this hugely important thing for you and give you a guaranteed result, consistently and with high quality. But not only that, you can reassign your contractors to working on your branding, positioning, and follow up which would help you close the highest % of the leads we provide. It's a win-win.”

What are the benefits of outsourcing your lead generation?

By outsourcing to a quality provider, you get this essential need taken care of, but you also free up all of this time and resources to build these other important things in your business that help maximize the return you get on generating or buying leads. 

The thing is, lead gen is difficult, but it’s one of the easiest things to outsource out of all of the essential things in your business. 

It’s easier to outsource than sales, customer service, branding, etc. 

You may be wondering, that sounds great, but what’s the downside and what are the risks?

Yes, you may get crappy leads or a bad service but if you find a company to form a true partnership with, one that will get you targeted, high-quality leads, at an ROI positive cost, it can help you grow your volume month over month.

That really is the key, there are a huge amount of lead generation companies and marketing agencies to choose from, but probably only about 10% of them are worth working with. 

Look out for businesses who are transparent about their process, who are specific about what a “qualified lead” is, have clear pricing policies, have a policy to replace fake leads with bad contact info, and who can provide you with a target contact rate and ROI. 

What is the end result?

When you successfully outsource your lead generation, you get 50% of your marketing needs handled for you. 

But additionally, you kill two birds with one stone, because with this huge need handled, you can redirect other resources to building other marketing assets that help you close the highest percentage of your leads. 

The end result is maximum return on investment, profit, and growth. 

What’s next?

Here at FinanceVine, we are experts in generating ROI-positive results in the financial services space through online lead generation.

Schedule a call with us and discover how we can help your business.

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I started out as the Internet marketing director for an Automotive Group. I learned about Facebook & Google advertising running campaigns for auto loans. I transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship in 2014, and have been at it ever since.

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