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Our 7-Day Email & SMS Follow Up Script


Our 7-Day Email & SMS Follow Up Script

Hey FirstName, 

This week, I’m sharing an SMS & Email follow up script you can use for following up with leads who apply for your services online. 

Here’s why you need this:

Getting the “lead” is only half the battle. You need to have an effective strategy in place to convert the maximum amount of leads into actual conversations. 

That means getting that person to take the next step, from filling out a form, to getting on a phone call with you or your team. 

The right email & SMS follow up sequence can make all the difference. 

It’s important that your follow up strategy has these elements:

  1. Timeliness (the longer you wait, the more likely the lead goes cold).
  2. Relevance (give them a reason to want to speak with you now). 
  3. Frequency (use the rule of 7; it takes multiple touch points to get someone to take action). 

So with this in mind, here’s an example of a script you can use if you’re a mortgage broker following up with a new home buyer inquiry. 

Note that this script can be modified to follow up with any type of client in any type of industry. 


DAY 1 > Email > Immediately

Subject Line: Your Pre-Approval Inquiry

Hi {FirstName},

My name is {My Name} and I received your Pre Approval inquiry online. Thanks for that!  The next step in the process is for us to chat for 15 minutes to discuss your financing options.  Let me know if there’s a good time to call.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks again!

{My Name}

{My Company}

{My Phone Number}

Day 1 > SMS Followup > +2 Minutes


I received your request for mortgage info and thought following up by text might be easier for you. Do you have any specific questions or just need a basic idea of the loan process and requirements?  {My Name} –  {My Company} 

Day 2 > SMS > 9a.m. 

Hi {FirstName}, sorry that we haven’t been able to connect yet about the mortgage info you requested. I’ve got a couple of openings today. What time works best for you?

DAY 3 > Email > 9a.m.

Subject Line: Sorry I Keep Missing You

Hi {FirstName},


Just wanted to follow up with you regarding your Pre-Approval inquiry a few days back. Are you still interested in getting Pre-Approved to buy a home?  If so, please let me know. 

{My Name}

{My Company}

{My Phone Number}

Day 3 > SMS > 11:45am

{FirstName} sorry we haven’t been able to connect yet. Just curious, when were you thinking you wanted to get pre-approved, so you can start shopping for a home?    {My Name} 

 Day 4 > SMS > 8:45am

Hey Its {My Name} again! I have some updates about your mortgage pre-approval. Please call me at {my phone number} 🙂 

Day 7 > SMS > 5:15pm

{FirstName} I’ve sent you several messages over the past few days but haven’t heard from you. Are you still looking to buy a home?  {My Name} 


This is a pretty decent script / sequence for following up with leads. 

There are two ways to make it better though. 

One is by adding a scheduling link where someone can schedule a meeting time with you. 

When we do this for our clients – we see anywhere from 20-40% of leads scheduling a meeting. So it’s definitely something you want to include in the follow up process. 

The second thing is to add some type of high value urgency to your messaging. 

Something like;

“hey {name}, the Bank of Canada increased the prime rate recently, which means rates are going up – right now is a great time to get in before that happens. Do you have time to speak sometime today for 15 minutes?” 

The other really important piece to add here – is to automate this process. 

There’s no way you’re going to be able to send out all of these emails and texts on this exact schedule if you’re doing it manually. You need software to handle it for you, or you’re going to lose out on a ton of opportunities to get leads on the phone. 

Not to mention, software saves you countless hours per week – and that time saved is worth quite a bit. 

So there you have it. You now have the follow up script and accompanying tips to really take your follow up to the next level. 

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About the Author

I started out as the Internet marketing director for an Automotive Group. I learned about Facebook & Google advertising running campaigns for auto loans. I transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship in 2014, and have been at it ever since.

James Vannelli

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