December 15

How to Increase Qualified-Lead Volume to Grow Your Business


How to Increase Qualified-Lead Volume to Grow Your Business

This post is part 4 of our 6 part series on the keys to lead generation success. As a recap, here are the previous posts in this series:

  1. Why Sales-Qualified Lead Are Crucial For Your Business
  2. Lead Validation: Why Most Online Leads are an Expensive Waste of Time
  3. How Sales Automation Increases Lead Conversion

This week’s blog post is on the topic of scaling your lead generation successfully. We’ll make the case for outsourcing and diversifying. If you have a source of leads that is profitable for you, but you are not generating enough volume to grow, then this post is for you! 

Here are the situations that a lot of brokers find themselves in at one point or another…

You rely on referrals, and when you get them, they have a very high close rate. The only problem is, there's no consistent way to manufacture more referrals, and it also can be unpredictable when they come, so you have no control on your growth.

Many businesses at this stage may choose to advertise on Google Search, which is a great source of leads, but it can be expensive and you’ll only be able to tap into the 10-20% of the market that is actively searching for a solution right now, so eventually, you find yourself in the same situation as with the referrals; capped out and in need of more volume! 

Some businesses will turn to social media ads at this point, usually trying out Facebook Ads. Facebook is a fantastic source of lead volume, but the qualification and purchase-intent of these leads can be extremely subpar if you don't know what you're doing. And costs can be inconsistent as well. 

If any of the above sounds familiar, then you need a solution to increase your volume from a different source, and FinanceVine is that solution. 

How We Can Help

We source leads from all of the major ad networks including Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Display, YouTube and more. As such, we can get you the volume of qualified leads required to help you increase your growth. 

With our service, you just choose a set number of leads each month, and we'll deliver - guaranteed. 

You don't have to struggle to get enough leads any longer. 

Just tell us how much you need each month and we'll do it.

What’s Next?

This blog post was all about Successfully Scaling your Lead Generation and how it can help grow your business. Next week, we are going to talk about the next key to lead gen success, which is Achieving Advertising Cost Certainty which will provide you with stability.

Here at FinanceVine, we are experts in generating ROI-positive results in the financial services space through online lead generation.

Schedule a call with us and discover how we can help your business.

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About the Author

I started out as the Internet marketing director for an Automotive Group. I learned about Facebook & Google advertising running campaigns for auto loans. I transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship in 2014, and have been at it ever since.

James Vannelli

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