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What We Learned in Lead Generation – January, 2021


What We Learned in Lead Generation – January, 2021

Welcome to “What We Learned in Lead Generation Last Month”. This is a new monthly series where we published our key insights from the past month of running lead generation campaigns. We post it to our blog and broadcast it to our newsletter the first week of every new month. 

Building Landing Pages for Mobile

One of the most paradigm shifts I’ve had to work through in the past several years is remembering to prioritize the mobile experience over the desktop experience when web marketing assets. There’s a disconnect when you’re working in these tools on a desktop all day, the mind, and even the programs being worked in, always default back to a desktop mode so it's easy to get stuck designing and creating with a desktop-first approach. 

Let me tell you now, that has been a bad approach for several years now. It is nothing new for 2021, yet I still found myself making that mistake for a long time. If you, or your team, are still creating with a desktop first, then you are doing it wrong! Mostly, our ads run on mobile-only traffic, and as such it's important, we design our ad creatives to look best on mobile, not desktop. Recently though, we finally got around to completely overhauling our landing pages for a mobile-first experience. Our pages were already mobile responsive, but they weren’t prioritized for a mobile device. When switching to a mobile-first device, we cut our page content down by 50 - 75%. We cut all the fat out, all the “below the fold” text, redundant headlines, and long-loading images. 

Not only has this given us a bump in conversion rates, but it is providing us with a higher quality lead because now when the user lands on the page, the message is simple and streamlined, which means less confusion and more properly aligned expectations as the user proceeds through the journey of becoming a leader and getting in contact with one of our partner brokerages. 

Facebook Ads Contingency Plans 

Another month, another Facebook suspension. This time, we even got a business manager suspended that has never even run 1 ad. It seems with the current political-tech climate, these types of automated bans are becoming more and more frequent. The problem is, it can take weeks to resolve these issues. They usually always do get resolved in the end, but that doesn’t help a business that is reliant on traffic and leads have a contingency in place to keep the business and marketing plan running smoothly during this downtime. 

Our business now has multiple business managers, and ads accounts, so that we can spread our eggs out in more than one basket, that way, if one goes down, it doesn’t take down our entire lead generation funnel. That’s why this month when our main business manager went down, it only took us down for about a day and a half. 

Fully Leveraging Google Ads 

Apart from having backup plans for Facebook Ads, if that is your main source of advertising, it's important to have another source of traffic entirely, so that your entire marketing strategy is not tied to one platform. That’s simply too risky. The trade-off here is it can become overwhelming trying to manage multiple systems at once, but that’s why you hire the pros who have the capacity to do this for you (i.e. hire Financevine to do this for you). When we first started our business, we were a Facebook Ads only business. We have been expanding into Google Search for a good while now, scaling our lead volume as much as possible, and this month, we have launched into Google Display Network. Google Search is a significant source of leads, but it can’t compare to the volume that is possible through Facebook Ads. The answer? Google Display Network. Display ads are actually a lot more similar to social media ads, and there is a ton of volume available on that network. We are working to scale this up as rapidly as possible, so our clients will be able to enjoy a consistent lead flow from Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, and Google Display. 

Verifying Phone Numbers Via SMS

One of the biggest frustrations in lead generation is getting valid contact information and eliminating the junk and the spam. It hurts to pay to get these leads, but another major issue these leads present is the time wasted contacting them to figure out if they’re real or fake in the first place. 

If you are contacting your leads at least 7 times before giving up (as you should be) that could be a lot of time spent contacting a lead that isn’t real. Multiply that by 20, 50, 100, 250, or 500 leads per month, and we can see how that time becomes very costly. 

We have tried every type of verification method in the book. This includes pinging the phone line to see if it’s real, checking the email if it bounces, filtering for known litigators, suppressing duplicates, building a database of commonly used fake numbers and filtering against those parameters, using reverse phone lookup to match the name the lead enters on the form with the name the phone number is registered to and more. 

While all of these methods have helped the cause in one way or another, we still had the issue of getting phone numbers that are legitimate but are for the wrong person (whether it was entered by accident or on purpose). The solution? Sending out a verification SMS immediately after the lead form is submitted. We ask the person to press 1 to confirm their submission and to be transferred to a broker. If they press 1, we know they are the actual person who filed out the form, that the phone number is real, and additionally, that there is a high enough degree of intent to explicitly agree to be put in touch with a service provider. We have just completed our first beta-test for this integration with success and plan to begin the process of rolling it out across all of our campaigns. We believe this is going to be an absolute game-changer for the quality of our leads. So stay tuned! 

Prioritizing SMS As a Contact Medium

Another note on SMS messages, more brokers need to leverage this as a contact method. Yes, phone calls are useful, yes emails still work to a degree, but the best way to reach most people these days, at least to establish initial contact, confirm basic details, and set up phone calls or expectations to receive an email. Is through text. 

Most email inboxes are cluttered full of promotions, and many people don’t answer their phones to unknown numbers. So break through the noise by establishing a connection via text, then escalate the relationship to emails and phone calls from there. 

This is why all of our systems are streamlined to getting that valuable first interaction established via text. It raises the odds of establishing and maintaining contact with the lead, tremendously. 

A Simpler Path to CRM Integration

The best way to get leads delivered to you from a lead generation company is via direct CRM integration. This allows for you to have the most seamless journey possible to connect leads into your sales process and with a member of your sales team. 

The problem is, sometimes getting that set up with every lead generation company can be a pain, and it can leave some of your data exposed. 

In the past, we would have to have our clients share login information with us, but that is no longer the case. 

We use Zapier for sending data to client CRMs, and we just learned about Zapier Teams, which allows us to invite members to our account, with limited access, so that they can log in to their CRM themselves, and then share that connection with us. This allows us to have access to their CRM for the purposes of sending leads into the system, but for nothing else. 

So we went and paid the cost to upgrade so that we can now offer this as a part of the CRM Integration process. 

Best of all, it only takes a few minutes for the client to complete this step. So it's fast and easy to get going. 

Wrapping Up 

Those were some of the key insights for January. Look out for the next edition a month from now. And if you aren’t already working with us, and are interested in learning more, simply click the link to schedule a call below. You can even sign up directly if you wish, by using our sign up link. 

To Your Success, 

James Vannelli 

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I started out as the Internet marketing director for an Automotive Group. I learned about Facebook & Google advertising running campaigns for auto loans. I transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship in 2014, and have been at it ever since.

James Vannelli

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