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Why Leads Need to Be Contacted Within 5 Minutes


Why Leads Need to Be Contacted Within 5 Minutes

If you’ve ever worked with online leads, you’ll know that getting in touch with the leads can sometimes be as or more difficult than generating the lead in the first place. 

Many brokers become frustrated with this.

Some will even give up, writing off online advertising as something that “doesn’t work”. 

Unfortunately for these brokers, this conclusion pretty much seals their fate 

of never being able to grow past their current income bracket – forever dependent 

on the unpredictable flow of referrals that’ll come their way to generate new business. 

In an increasingly internet-driven world it can’t be overstated how important learning

how to successfully leverage online marketing is to grow your business.

Expecting the online world to behave like the offline world 

is a surefire recipe for frustration and missed opportunities. 

Which leads me back to today’s topic: 

The Shocking Truth About How Lead Response Time Affects Conversions

According to Harvard Business Review’s Lead Response Management Study…

“Taking longer than 5 minutes to respond to a new lead results in an 80% decrease in lead qualification, and worse yet, sales conversions decrease by a whopping 391% after the first minute! 


In the online world, speed is one of the most critical factors for success. 

When someone fills out your form online, they’re ready to get your help. Now.  

Every minute – in fact every second that passes after that moment, 

the odds of winning their business will decrease. 

Now, I understand that this fact can be overwhelming. 

After all, what are you supposed to do, stay glued to your phone 24/7? 

As someone who enjoys their work/life balance, 

and who doesn’t want to be plugged in at all times, 

I feel your pain…Trust me, I do. 

But we can’t ignore the facts. 

And the facts are that we need to be quick or else we’re going to lose business. 

How To Maximize Lead Contact Rate & Sales

Now that we’ve identified the problem, we can start to fix it. 

If you’re currently taking hours or days to respond to leads,

This is probably losing you a lot of business.

So what to do? 

We’ll start with the obvious: Make it a priority to contact leads as fast as possible. 

Then, have a backup plan in place for when it’s just not possible. 

At HappyGoLeads, as soon as someone submits a mortgage lead form, they are redirected to a confirmation page that guides them through the next steps. 

One of those next steps, is either calling the 1-800 # on the page (that connects them with one of our brokers) or scheduling an appointment for a call using a scheduling tool on the page. 

We also continue to follow up with automated emails & SMS messages.

These messages provide a little more information to the lead while continuing to nudge them towards either calling in or scheduling an appointment. 

So…even if our broker is busy at the exact moment the lead completes the form and is looking for help, we’re actively moving the lead through a familiar and highly responsive! customer journey from the second they submit our form. 

So there you have it.

Realize that lead response time is critical, contact leads quickly, and have an automated follow up system in place. If you follow these steps, you’ll dramatically increase your lead contact rate and your top line. 

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About the Author

I started out as the Internet marketing director for an Automotive Group. I learned about Facebook & Google advertising running campaigns for auto loans. I transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship in 2014, and have been at it ever since.

James Vannelli

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